Flight to Nest – Part 1

“This is an announcement for passengers on flight AI0131 to London. The flight has been delayed due to bad weather conditions. Our new departure time is 07:50 AM. Thank you.”

It was the long haul for Soumyaa to board this flight and to continue her career in law from UCL (University College London). Good Bye to her Family did make her throat hurt. But it was a hazy moment, to leave the home, step onto the land of new culture, new country, different time zones. She removed the gift from her Dad, which read ‘For your Ingenuity’. Unpacked it, she found a wrist watch, which defines her quality.

Soumyaa landed London. After one week, her Law school reopened and it was her first day at School. She took the small strides so as to have a slow and avid look at the campus and as she dreamt, to move into the Bentham House and to explore new pathways to Law.

Its been one and half year, she was progressing with her law course in London. One evening she was surfing through her mails, checking Inbox. Suddenly, she saw the mail from her lawyer intimating her about the date for the judgement. She rose from the chair with the ascend in pace of her breath.

Three Years back…

Soumyaa had appeared for LSAT and had scored 167 out of 180 and 8 out of 9 as an average of all her sections in IELTS. She was all set to start her LLM from the best of Universities. Not all but her proud parents were happy with her achievement. She got admitted to King’s College London, which she aimed then. All was well but her orthodox grandparents were not so happy with her decision to fly London and study further. The same month her grandpa suffered from the severe heart stroke and was saved from death. Her Grandpa said to her Dad, “I don’t know when my life will end. We have name and fame in our society. Its better that the damsels must fly to their nests as soon as possible”. Looking at his Father’s condition, Soumyaa’s Dad decided to get her daughter married. This decision just shattered Soumyaa and her mother. There were so many family members who were happy not because of talks of Soumyaa’s marriage but because a girl was refrained from fulfilling her dreams. 

Soumyaa’s Dad arranged the marriage for his daughter with the best of cities’ wealthy clan’s son called Vansh. She was forcefully married to him even after Soumyaa denied for the same many times. Her married life started. Vansh’s family did not allow to complete her LLM which they promised to Soumyaa’s family before the marriage was fixed. Soumyaa thought that everything will be on track with time. It’s been a month, Soumyaa got married. They took care about their conjugal life and the relationship between husband and wife. Vansh thought that the pleasures of flesh and the spirit associated with connubial life will make Soumyaa forget her career goals. Everyday and night she would request Vansh to let her start her admission process once again for LLM. Vansh would ignore each day. Soumyaa refused to fulfill his wish in bed everynight, to which she was feeling as a slave. Its been 6 months of marriage and one month to her refusal to get intimate.

Unaware of Vansh’s intentions, Soumyaa became the victim of his abuse, molestation and rape. First time ever did she see someone so closely breaking the law. Broken inside out, she forged her mind to file an FIR to the nearest police station. The hawaldaar refused to file the complain against the Mehras who were famous for their wealth and name in the city. “Madam, I think this matter must be sorted out between you and your husband. I think its his right to ask for what he wanted and you refused”, hawaldaar smirked. Soumyaa, horrified, stood up and angrily replied, “So, you loyal dog of Mehras, no need to suggest me for what to do and what not. Call the Inspector. Let him know, his hawaldaar has forgotten his job”. “I think my hawaldaar has suggested you the very right thing, Mrs. Mehra “, Inspector said, “Its 3 A.M. You must go your home. Its not Mr. Vansh who broke any law. You must follow the law and your responsibility. I have called up Mr. Mehra. He will come soon to pick you home”. Soumyaa jerked back, “Sir, just look at me. That beast has just crushed my self-respect. His bite marks are clear, can’t you see those, you damn Inspector. I know how to protest the law better than you. Please file my FIR”. She wept and shouted, ” I don’t want to go to that den again”. She went deadpan and broken.

“Come on, get up. Need to go home”, Vansh came and started pulling Soumyaa towards the car.

“How dare you ruin our family’s reputation, came here to complain against me huh?”

To be Continued…

The Ultimate: Everest

Sweeping the bookmark through page no 152 of the book ‘The Climb-Tragic Ambition on Everest‘, Drishti, 22, went to her bed when the clock struck 5 a.m. Having an intense look on the wall next to her desk of the study, she touched the huge portrait of her love. Switching off the lamp, she left the study heading to her bedroom. Drishti never liked to settle at one place. She was born to travel she said everyone. Before going to sleep and after waking, she always used to check whether there is any call or message from home. But the screen never turned up the caller id as Home, Dad, Mom.

Drishti’s decision to go for an expedition closed the doors of her home, hearts of her parents. Her parents loved her the most, never doubted the potential of their daughters. They knew Drishti was fond of stories on adventure and travel from her childhood, which she carried along with in her teenage as well as in her adulthood. She was a bibliophile and enjoyed escapade. She was in intense love with the one because of whom she was banned from home.

Before Six months…                                                                                                  

She missed her flight to U.S., had an unconcernedness for her higher studies planned by her parents, carefree for her future, she packed her bag including the helmet and her most beloved tool Ice axe. Unknown to her parents, she reserved an admission in the Institute of Mountaineering. It was the decision of Do or Die for her. She chose him finally, her love for whom she had the passion. Now the Institute was her home.  She learned as a mountaineer. Reached the advanced level in just 2 months. Family was happy with the progress she attained but still there was a disregard for her decision. 

After 4 months of tough training, she got selected as a member of the Team of 7 to the Summit Everest. She was so happy as if she was selected for a trip to paradise. She declared this news to the family. Parents very well known about the havoc created by the 25th April and 12th May earthquakes, she got to choose the trip back to home or never to get back home. As the project was sponsored and as she was qualified, second choice was better. 

The havoc didn’t allow any summit to Everest in spring of 2015. No one climbed the Everest, the first time in 41 years this happened. They had to wait another 7 months for next spring to arrive. Finally the decision to commence the climb in March was taken with the new route to summit. Drishti, being a graduate, took up a job and started living as a paying guest. Through these times, she read as much books on Everest as possible.

March 20, 2016   

“I am losing the grip, Drishti”, cried Chang. The Team of 7 was now just of 4.

“Drishti hold tight. Try to hook your axe Chang.”

“Trying out Colonel but the wind is strong enough.”

The squall at Camp 4 made a loss of one more.

The satellite phone at the base camp with the Drishti’s shattered voice uttered, “Only Steve, Colonel and I are left to continue. We have made heavy loss. No more now. We should stop Colonel. I don’t want to lose anyone now.”

“Drishti, come on you can’t sit back there and cry. It was our team decision to continue whatever happens, each one here has one aim – the Everest. Look, if we fall back now, what about the sacrifices made by our team members?” Colonel tried to gather the courage and explained Drishti.

“Ready to reach my Goal. I am ready, Colonel.”

The harsh weather of 20th March, 2016 didn’t stop the three to reach the South Summit. The adrenaline rush kept the three moving. Finally they saw the white tail, the Everest Summit.

“Only two hours, 310 feet more. I am living my dream now. I am coming to meet you” Drishti yelled to herself with joy and excitement.

Finally, the peak was just a step climb ahead. The dawn of 21st March was to be seen from the highest altitude of Planet Earth. “Paradise, I  awaited to see. Just dreamt to meet you. The adrenaline rush…its not stopping..This is my first date and its with you Everest. Left my family, just for my passion for you.” Drishti kissed the peak of Mt. Everest and the tears did not stop rolling. She kept all the letters she wrote in her teenage for her craze on that peak. The three spent 15 minutes on the peak.

“We made it Team. Now its time to climb down. Come on Drishti, Steve.”

“I promise, we will meet for the next date of our right here. Till then don’t try to date anyone else(laughed). Not to say Goodbye…Love you..” Drishti talked with the Everest with an awe.

“I wish the death comes here with my last breath within you”, she acclaimed with its beauty disappearing slowly with the descend.




It was a new moon night of summer 2015. Complete darkness shredded the sky. Lights still were gleaming on the map of Saraswati Institute of Technology. The crowd gathered in the campus quadrangle. Not the usual college crowd it was. Unexpected before 10 years, all the students of batch 2005 passed out, completed their graduation had now gathered in the same place where they all sowed their seeds of career. It would had been a nice loss if any of them failed to attend the get together. Everyone present there was successful in ones career.  Crowd increased in number, but their was a pair of eyes, just as they were before 10 years, searching for someone in that crowd after a long span of time.

Mansi tapped Shreya lightly and with excitement asked ,”Hey, long time! When did you land India?”. Both of them were so happy to have a look at each other as they were the besties. After a boost in her career, Shreya moved to Spain. “Landed India after 7 years just to attend this get together! So glad to see you!”, Shreya exclaimed. “Wait a second, the call… “, Mansi picking the call, “Yes, Jay. Do have your dinner on time and take care of Isha”.

“Who are Jay and Isha?”, Shreya asked.

“Jay is my husband and Isha is my 4 years old daughter.”, Mansi answered with a blush.

“Jay? Our Jay? Wow you both finally tied the knot. Never expected both will be ever together.  I mean there was a time you hated to see each others face. Unexpected. By the way, why isn’t he here?”

“He had his client meeting till 6:30 of dusk today and he seemed tired. Also Isha has her school tomorrow morning and if we both would have come then no one would have been there to take care of her.”

“I see Responsible Parents who used to fight like cats and dogs for copying assignments!”

“Ya actually. Those days are unforgettable. What about you huh?  Why didn’t you never spoke your heart out to..” and suddenly Shreya got a blind fold of hands on her eyes. It was her friends with whom she enjoyed the tough and happy days of her college. They all exchanged their long time experiences, chatted and had that yearning feeling of friendship. Shreya met all but he didn’t arrive yet. Almost every batchmate was present at that event. Shreya was in the same anxiety as she was 10 years back on the day of farewell. “Has he come today? What if he saw me? What if I won’t be able to control my feelings? What worse can happen if I did not confess today? ”

Suddenly, a man decently dressed,  grown brown beard, appeared with a pair of wine glasses.

“Are you looking for someone? I may help you out.”

“No.. I actually didn’t recognize you. 10 years it is a long time, so….may I know your name?”

“You remained the same, Shreya. Nothing changed. Nor your simplicity, neither your humility. You remained stuck to your convictions and there you are..living your dreams. But I am sure you are still single. Just as you were during college life. No guy on this earth except me is for you.”

“Excuse me, I don’t know you. You are speaking without thinking. Please introduce yourself.”

“No need to introduce myself to you. You know me better than I know myself.”

“Don’t mystify. Its better we end up our conversation here.”

Shreya tried to elude and he clarified.

“Just as we had ended on the day of farewell by saying just goodbye to each other? I thought that moment after all these 3 years, you will confess what you have for me in your heart. What I always saw in your eyes, you loved me, you never expressed verbally.”

Trapped with nostalgia, Shreya looked at the man with an awe and impatience.

“You have changed a lot Karan. You never cared how you looked, you dressed. Now I can’t recognize you as  the same person to whom I.”

“To whom I what? Speak up.”

Holding Karan’s hand tight, the year long things to say was executed by Shreya.

“To whom I have loved so much that I never expressed that affection to him, the person whose loneliness was felt by me even if he was among his friends,(laughing) who wore a mask of ‘I don’t care’ with a strain on his mind. I always liked you the way you were. And finally what I always did I love you. If you knew my feelings years back, then why didn’t you broke the ice?”

“You were always possessive about your dreams, goals. You were never like others. I realized you wanted to say a lot of things but you afraid the distractions. I understood when you turned back while leaving and had that short glance at me as if you will never find me as yours. But I always was yours. Waited just for you on the same path where we parted.”

“Waited? You got married? ”

“Still waiting I mean. I love you Shreya. Will you marry me? ”

“Everything changed about you, except your impatience. Yes, I will.”

“I wish, you had said that 10 years back, we would have given a healthy competition to Mansi and Jay.”

That get together was clearly for them. They promised to walk the road of life together.


I looked at you, every now and then                                                                                                                                       Just waiting for you shine back when

You are amid those stars                                                                                                                                                             Whether I will reach so far

I am grounded on this earth                                                                                                                                                     For you feelings took the birth

Unknown that one star became so bright to me                                                                                                                     I will wait for night sky to have you see

You were among the incredible stars                                                                                                                                       But I can see your hidden scars

You carried immense heat along                                                                                                                                               Share with me some, have a bond

Each day that feeling grew stronger                                                                                                                                         Now I can’t wait for dark longer

You cannot land on here                                                                                                                                                             So I got a device to feel you near


It was exact 12 night. Genevieve suddenly got up from her bed and found that she stood besides her bed yet she was still lying on her bed sleeping. She screamed, tried to wake herself, but she was not listening to herself. Her eyes were closed in the deep sleep, unheard like a dead. But she found that her eyes were wet but not of the one who was lying on the bed. The soul was out taking the pains of the heart with it. It was not permitted to enter the body. The body had become soul and the shapeless soul took the dimensions of a human.

Genevieve looked at her body. She found that with her absence that was at rest. But instead, she was not at rest in her soul, in her mind. She found the identity crisis in her. She was switched off from the world. Only she can hear to herself, not even her body could. But that was the need of time that only she could hear, feel herself, no one else. Her wet eyes and dry pillow were saying the conflicting situation.

The world was seeing the happy, successful, carefree Genevieve who had no problems in her life. She got everything what she wanted, they thought. The one on the bed listened the world, absorbed their opinions showed she had no worries, having friends. The bodiless was a lonely, sensitive person, striving to find herself each day, worrying every moment about the next, who hardly can say any human as a friend, who finds the friendship in her keyboard, in its chords and scales. Body needed food to survive but she needed the Music to live.

The lifeless soul used to come out of the body to find the food with the teary eyes. She was kept away from her keyboard, her motive to live. She was suppressed by their hopes, their expectations, She was killed each day by herself. She refused to listen the call of her passion. The body was but in the false search of motive in life, feeling so faithless, lost under the surface, inaudible to SELF and NOT to the World!

“What makes life dreary is the want of motive “– George Eliot.

Last Evening.

Since it is the last day of the year 2014, Edward was not in the mood to celebrate the 31st of December though he was happy to welcome the New Year. His friends are all set to have a party sharty this night. He decided to spent this beautiful evening and night with his girlfriend Shikha. So all his friends are upset with him. This was the day when Edward proposed Shikha for being his life partner. Its been a year for their relationship. Now they were coworkers as well as committed to each other.

Shikha entered the room and handed a cup of coffee to Edward. Edward was starring at the setting sun-The last sunset of the year. Shikha then distracted Edward and recommended him to change the calendar hanging on the wall. She picked up the calendar of 2015 and made the required replacement. Edward  approached Shikha and whispered in her ears in a soft tone,”I don’t want to let the time move so fast sweetheart. Remember, its our first love anniversary”. Shikha hesitated and stepped back. Edward got embarrassed. He had a look on the calendar and said,”The year passed so quickly. It was a great year for me, Shikha. It had the greatest joys and deepest sorrows. I got you and Jesus called Mom for His service”.

“The year which had every greatest achievement and the worst face of humans, the wonders created by human  brain to the gradual loss of human compassion, Mangalyaan to the Peshawar massacre, Indian Prime Minister  Mr. Modi flourishing the Indian culture over the world and the Assam tragedy.”

To this Shikha replied,” Also with all these, our favorite TV series ‘how i met your mother’ and ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ saw their ends. I really miss those hours watching them.”

 “Every thing happened so quickly, so intensely, the number of pages in the newspaper increased, the  disheartening news overflowed, airplanes went missing in a year.”

“Ed, lets look at the positive side of this passing year. By the way, this year had the least number of air accidents, I  think its 111. Let us not carry the desolating news of 2014 into the  coming year. You know every new year  brings new opportunities to everyone.Thats why people take  resolutions only on the arrival of new year.”

“By the way, you know whats my resolution?”


“To get married and my better half would be Mrs Shikha Thomas.”

Shikha tried to deflect the conversation and said, “Lets have the dinner. See what I got, a bottle of champagne.”

She opened the bottle with an awe. They had a romantic dinner and that night was special for both of them. Edward opened his eyes. It was 2015, 1st January, 8 a.m. He tried to find Shikha besides him. But hardly he could. He found a copy of promotion letter with one more letter. The letter had-

“Wanted to give you this news yesterday. You should forget your resolution or revamp the list. I got promoted  as the regional head of NYC. My flight is scheduled at 7 today. So left without informing you as you were in a  deep sleep. I think we should end our relationship over here. My career is more important to me. That was our last evening. Have a great year Ed!”.

Unless REALized

The concealing rays of sun, marking the end of day fun                                 The lost identity has knocked again, but the time has lost its sand         Strived harder to break the ice, but loneliness proved undiluted

People say these as golden days, for days which may never return       The phase which sang  songs of togetherness, provoking memories     Someone but who dreamt so, failed to let them grow

The echo of friends’ laughters, the result of farcical cantrip                       The recall of foes’ intentions, pushing towards the existence                   The minute things turned important, important as a little deal

For the future to face the globe, the present did lose its glory                 Past never thought this would happen, changed meaning of friend       Once had countless ones to name, now hardly to call someone that

The perspective for life was infected, leading to a petrified fidelity       The trust got defensive to be broken, the wall of  suspicion did build Even the ambition didn’t quench, the thirst for winning the goals

The setting sun marked the start, the end of unenjoyed ride                   The ride who enjoyed each one, but proved as missed delight                 The time has come to take adieu, the remembrance missed to form

But its just a start of end,  rejoice the coming way                                             Let the meaning again be redefined, rectify the done mistake                 Let the thoughts form moment of reality, moulding them to indelible


Seeking the Meaning.

The hushing sound of heavy rain was dominating every sound of nature. It was the second odd Sunday of June. Sarah,19 was feeling the creepy silence screaming around. She wanted to wet all her pain in the rain so that they become heavy enough to roll down, out of her. She screamed in the never hearing silence. A flashback started to hover in front of her eyes.

“You made us feel proud, my child. We are so blessed to be parents of Sarah.” , were the words said by her Mom to her when she won the young writer award in grade 9. Her father, was the general officer in the Indian army. He congratulated her daughter, “My princess, blessings to you.Love you – Dad” , were the words written on the card with bouquet kept at doorstep to surprise Sarah.Tears rolled down her cheeks, when she read. She was missing her father.

Six months later, a phone ring broke the silence of the home. Voice on the call informed the family that General Rodriguez has become the martyr for the country. A little hope of return was shattered by the news.It was Diwali for Sarah with the canopy of darkness. 

Sarah found a large box carefully wrapped with her favorite color red wrapping paper from her father’s bag which his unit returned his family. She opened it. She unpacked the box and found a typewriter which already had a paper fixed in paper table, locked with knob. It had words,  “Happy birthday to my dear Sarah. I hope you’ll love this present. To my writer daughter. My dream is to see you signing your own book for the readers. “

Sarah went to her room. A voice of her conscience whispered, “Live your dream. You are the reflection of your father’s dream!”. She ignored first but again heard its echo. She started searching for her typewriter which was never used. She suddenly broke down with desolation. She found the typewriter wrapped in the same paper covered with heavy dust. Its been four years, the present was again unwrapped. It had that paper too locked on it.

Looking at the typewriter, Sarah smiled. She took the typewriter and kissed it. She went to her Mom. Her Mom found a ray of happiness, peace  on her face, first time after a long period of four years. As if all of sudden she started living again, she stepped out of the trauma of her father’s death. Sarah asked her Mom, “Can we have dinner together tonight? “. Her Mom, with tear filled eyes and throat choked, answered, “You are most welcome dear. I have yearned for this moment”.

After the peaceful dinner, Sarah took the typewriter, made herself comfortable in her study. She prayed the lord, “Its not too late now. Thank you for giving me this capability to hear my conscience, to hear You. Now is that loneliness has turned into a solitude. The storm in my mind has started to feel numb. I am finding peace”. She removed that page from the knob of typewriter and decided to frame and put it on the wall opposite to her bed so that every morning gives her potential to fulfill  ‘That Dream’ .

Sarah carefully placed a fresh page on typewriter and typed, ‘Dedicated to my Father- General Rodriguez’. There started her new journey. What would be the gift for a father better than this on Father’s  day?

The echo of her conscience renewed her goal, rejuvenated her, pulled her out of that canopy and gifted her Psychedelia to make a magic in her writing.

It feels beautiful to hear that echo! Try once , you will love to continue…